Selected Publications

  • Vitali Volovoi, Correcting for Non-Markovian Asymptotic Effects Using Markovian Representation, ArXiv. 1705.01070 [cs.CE], 2017 PDF
  • Vitali Volovoi, Deferred Maintenance of Redundant Systems, Invited Paper, In Proceedings of 2017 Mathematical Methods of Reliability, Grenoble France, July 3–6, 2017. PDF
  • Vitali Volovoi, Simulation of Maintenance Processes in the Big Data Era, Invited Paper, In Proceedings of 2016 Winter Simulation Conference, Washington DC, December 11–14, 2016 PDF
  • Vitali Volovoi, Big Data for Reliability Engineering: Threat and Opportunity. IEEE Reliability Magazine, February 2016. PDF . The direct link to the article is here.
  • Vitali Volovoi, Abridged Petri Nets (APN), Working Paper, July 2017. PDF
  • Vitali Volovoi, Simulation with Stochastic Petri Nets, Tutorial, In Proceeedings of the 2015 Winter Simulation Conference, Huntington Beach, California, December 2015. PDF
  • Vitali Volovoi, Building Business Cases for Risk and Reliability Technologies, In Proceedings of the 2015 ESREL Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, September 2015. PDF